COVID-19 vaccination and the Ukraine crisis

How can a person vaccinated in Ukraine obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccinations if he/she now resides outside of the country?


Vaccinations administered In Ukraine are recorded in the national electronic healthcare system. Through this system a person receiving a vaccine can be issued an international standard paper vaccination certificate as well as an electronic certificate with a QR-code via the Diia phone application[^1].

Any refugee from Ukraine, or internally displaced person within Ukraine, may request and remotely obtain proof of vaccination status for themselves or their children. The steps are as follows:

  • The person requests a vaccination certificate from the health care provider in Ukraine with whom they are registered. The requester should indicate the form in which they would like to receive the certificate (paper or digital) and the preferred means of communication (e.g., e-mail).
  • The health care provider in Ukraine will access the requestor’s vaccination information (or that of their child) via the electronic health care system (EHCS). A digital copy of the certificate can be signed electronically by the provider via this link: . A paper copy of the certificate would be both signed and stamped by the provider.
  • The health care provider will then send the digital or paper copy of the certificate to the requester.

See for more information the WHO document:

Obtaining proof of vaccination status and assessing vaccination records of refugees from Ukraine. Supplement to: Guidance on vaccination and prevention of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks for countries hosting refugees from Ukraine, April 2022 update.


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How can a person vaccinated in Ukraine obtain proof of COVID-19 vaccinations if he/she now resides outside of the country?


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