COVID-19 vaccination and the Ukraine crisis

If a person received a vaccine abroad that is not registered in Ukraine – is the vaccination recognized in Ukraine?


All vaccines authorized by WHO through Emergency Use Listing (EUL) are safe and effective against severe COVID-19 infection. WHO welcomes national decisions to recognize all doses administered with any EUL-listed vaccine.

The recognition of vaccines, and potentially also their registration in national databases, may differ per country. In Ukraine, only nationally registered vaccines can currently be recorded in the national electronic system.

Nevertheless, it is important to retain proof of vaccination with any EUL vaccine for the purpose of documenting vaccination status and to help inform further vaccination decisions together with a person’s health care provider and as recommended by the national health authorities.


If a person has documented evidence of COVID-19 vaccination received outside of Ukraine, should he/she start the series again upon return to Ukraine, or receive the next scheduled dose?


If a person received a vaccine abroad that is not registered in Ukraine – is the vaccination recognized in Ukraine?


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Can a person receive routine vaccination for adults (e.g., Tdap vaccine against tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis) and COVID-19 vaccination during the same visit?


If a person received one or more initial COVID-19 vaccine doses with a vaccine that is not currently available, should they complete the series with a different vaccine or wait until the original vaccine becomes available?


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If a person from Ukraine is residing in a country where recommended intervals between COVID-19 vaccinations differ from those in Ukraine, which schedule and intervals should be followed?


If a person from Ukraine is residing temporarily outside of the country, should they receive their first or next scheduled dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the host country or wait until they return to Ukraine?


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