Experts opinion series

Are vaccines against COVID-19 equal or different?


We as experts are frequently asked if vaccines against COVID-19 are different or have the same impact and results, and efficacy against the disease and the infection. I believe that in this first phase of application of these vaccines we shouldn't focus too much on the differences that were found in the clinical trials among the different vaccines. As a matter of fact, the way these vaccines were studied was different in time and different also in the shape of the curve of a COVID-19 epidemiology. What I would stress is that all of them are able to prevent death – almost 100 percent effectiveness against death, hospitalizations, and the severe cases. We hardly find severe cases of people who were vaccinated, and so I would say that all vaccines that we have available should be used indifferently, and we should aim at getting a high coverage first for the risk groups and for the elderly, for the healthcare workers, of course, and then day by day going down to younger population.