Experts opinion series

How can we deal with vaccine hesitancy?


Unfortunately, as I have just pointed out, both positive interest and negative interest have grown. And when one wonders, one reflects on what could be done about this, - in the short term, of course, people use the press or other means to influence the public. But my opinion, and I've said this even before the COVID-19 epidemic, is that one has to start in childhood, one has to teach children, and when I say “children” I mean including children in high school, in lyceum. I don't know, forgotten the Spanish word for high school. But, in any case, one needs to educate children about what vaccines are, what they do, and why they're important. And in the United States, we see the effect of not doing this. We see opposition to vaccination which is based on personal belief, nonsensical information, and so forth. And I feel that can be dealt with, but it has to be dealt with at an early stage in life, because by the time people become adults they have fixed opinions based often on information which is incorrect. And it's very difficult to change opinions in adults, because adults tend to hold to those opinions no matter what.